March 12 - April 16, 2016

Sundays at 7pm


Avery Schreiber Theater

4934 Lankershim Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Tickets are $15 

Purchase online at Brownpapertickets.com or at the door night of show

For Industry comps, email Baileymason13@aol.com


“Thank you Bailey for bringing this incredibly powerful show to NH 💗 You’re so brave and honest throughout and oh my were you funny!! You’re a star!! “

-Heidi Miller

“I THOUGHT I was arriving at a local theater to support a friend BUT the experience turned into an engaging and professional performance by Bailey Mason that grappled with tragedy, spirituality, survival, and love. Presented with honesty, humor, humility, and gratitude, Bailey's performance had the characteristics of a refined symphony sprinkled with some improvisation, salt, and pepper. Thank you Bailey and M&D Playhouse...”

-Ryan Mahan

“Just got home from M&D Playhouse, where we saw Hooked, the one woman show starring Bailey Mason! It was fabulous! Funny, moving, thought provoking... so happy we went. If you are looking for something to do tomorrow night, it’s playing for one more night. Congrats, Bailey! You were amazing!”

-Lisa Horgan

“SO good Bailey! I went in not knowing what to expect, and I was blown away. Every show claims "you'll laugh, you'll cry...." but the way Bailey was able to tell her story put her in total control of how I felt throughout the show. Very funny, very contentious at times, but more than anything very REAL. It was awesome.” 

-Griffin Meador

“Trying to figure out what to do tomorrow night?
Bailey Mason in her brilliant, funny, timely, enthralling one-woman show: HOOKED!
It finishes it's one weekend only run at M&D Playhouse tomorrow night!
You have no idea what you are missing if you skip this chance! JUST GO!”

June Desmond

“You have a beautiful and inspiring story. It was a fascinating to watch you relive it for us on stage. Thank you for sharing your story!”

-Lori Jean Rowe

"You will do this show -- or an incarnation of it -- for the rest of your life.  It is an important piece of Art which will change as time goes on.  I was honored to be in the audience and I look forward to hearing all about future performances all over the world."


"OH MY GOD...you were so awesome last night!!! I can't express in words how incredible it was...everyone in my pod loved it and were so inspired by your performance. Five of them attended with me. It was so wonderful that all of our peeps were there. I will still spread the word and I need to know the name in facebook again to make a comment. You will be on Broadway my friend. I was in such a great mood when I got home last night. What a joy you are..."


"Every once in a while an extraordinary story and performer comes along where we can explore the human condition from a new perspective.  Such a performer is Bailey Mason and such a show is Hooked!"

-The Secret Rose Theater

"Hooked is one hilarious, intense, and thought provoking ride through a wild and zany woman's life.  With the energy of a Formula One race car, Bailey Mason delivers an accelerating performance where every twist and turn leads from one chaotic character surpassing the next.  And any attempt at screeching and skirting past her biggest fear...death...puts her into an adrenaline rush and once again she shifts into overdrive.  Just hold on and enjoy.  A must see!"

-Tom and Taylor

"Hooked is a must-see!  Stripped down and raw, Hooked takes you on the whiplash journey of one woman's mad flight through stand-up comedy and prostitution as she searches for her one true love: herself.  Hooked reminds us that there is no 'right' path to salvation; there is only the path we take."


"I was privileged to attend a preview of Hooked this weekend with my boyfriend and I was frankly shocked at the quality of this unknown actress' work.  Bailey Mason is raw and unabashed about the turning points in her 'colored' past to bring her to a new present understanding of life, and death.  Bailey's play kept me riveted from the first moment until the finale with her energy, storytelling and masterful re-enactments."


"Great show Bailey.  What a rich, wonderful evening!"


"If it were fiction it would be a delight, but it's true and so it is delight filled with depth.  Do treat yourself to this marvelous woman's story. You will be glad you did.


"I want to repeat some of the stories and jokes to friends, but I wouldn't dare ruin a single moment of Hooked.  The emotional punch weaves in and out of entertaining and very funny stories. A great show!"


"Everyone should see Bailey Mason in her wild and crazy one woman show called Hooked!  It was absolutely amazing!  It was the most entertaining, fun, insightful, and awe-inspiring hour and twenty minutes!  Filled with twists, turns, and surprises; it is sure to make you laugh and fill your heart with love.  An absolute must-see!  I absolutely loved it!"


"I was fortunate to attend Hooked last night and I was blown out of the water.  What came out of Bailey was nothing less than genius!  The courage that it takes to expose oneself to strangers is only had by a few of us.  I was mesmerized as Bailey took us on a wild journey into the darkest recesses of her life, the tragedies and triumphs.  This is a rare look into ourselves and the secrets we hold, the lies we tell, and the demons we hide.  Bailey serves as proof that exposing ourselves is healing and others we gather round to nurture us for our courage."


"It was really something to see you up there performing, WHAT TALENT YOU HAVE. You are on your way to Broadway theater performing.  It won't be long and all your hard work and energy will pay off someday". 



Hooked Review:

 Bailey Mason stars in her solo show HOOKED, a tale of a stand up comic who has her many up and downs in life while discovering her real true calling, appears as a special presentation at North Hollywood's Secret Rose Theatre.
     In her show, Bailey tells about her times of being a performer in stand up comedy, something she was "hooked" to do. Even though she attempted to provide laughs while in the comedy clubs, her actural life was anything but funny. She was over this time robbed, attacked (thought not harmed physically), and encountered a few deaths from her mother (natural causes) to her husband (not natural causes!) She also found other work, even though that work isn't necessarily ethical or legal! She eventually finds a partner to share her life, but one element she unearths that makes a change she was seeking; She becomes a Practitioner in the Church of Religious Science. (This doctrine is not to be confused with Scientology, a whole different matter as that stands!)
     Bailey's show isn't a typical bio performance that make up the majority of one person performances that blends wacky yet real comedy with a few episodes of somber events. This show is just the opposite. She is a strong person who experienced more than she would have wanted, but came out in the end. She herself also experienced some element that she reviles in this show, but this writer won't give that notion away! Mark W. Travis assisted Bailey in the development of a piece (as well as provided the stage direction), that seems to have been years in the making! Of course, there are a few amusing lines spoken, but what makes this show appealing is her endeavor to display her life without feeling sorry for herself and asking the audience to react in the same manor.
     And speaking of the show itself, the running time is just a little more than an hour. Perchance she could have touched on more notions within her life. (Her printed bio states that she started to be a semi pro skier while in her teens, but after an accident, she decided that acting was a whole lot safer!) But then again, perhaps those tales on the slopes can be reserved for yet another showcase somewhere downhill.
     HOOKED is Bailey's first solo performance. Let's hope that this one won't be her last as she holds more that meets the ears and eyes!