March 12 - April 16, 2016

Sundays at 7pm


Avery Schreiber Theater

4934 Lankershim Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Tickets are $15 

Purchase online at Brownpapertickets.com or at the door night of show

For Industry comps, email Baileymason13@aol.com


HOOKED is a new solo show from actress Bailey Mason that offers a rare opportunity to see the naked truth about issues that we can all relate to but keep hidden in the darkest part of our psyche. Let your demons dance for an hour and while you laugh at the triumphs and cry at the tragedies that befall all of us. Bailey gives expression to those experiences and feelings that we are too afraid to express ourselves.

For Bailey, developing HOOKED turned into a real journey because of the very nature of the material. Working with her mentor, Mark Travis, Bailey says she embarked on a trip into the past that she wasn't prepared for, but needed to face.  And through it all, Bailey found a way to get revenge for something that happened in her childhood and to support her acting career.

Bailey was a hooker.  A prostitute. A lady of the night. A sleeze bag.  To Bailey, it feels like another life; a road she cannot imagine she ever went down.

"The shame, the fear, and the gratitude that I'm alive has hit me over the head time and time again. Being locked in the trunk of a car by an angry john is something not too many girls have experienced, I hope. Turning tricks for money? What? Me? I wasn't going to do that for free. Not after having been attacked by the principal of my junior high school."

"Seedy? Scary? A roller coaster? Yes, and guilt ridden, but the rite of passage I had to go through. I am able to see the bigger picture now that my life has evolved into something much more spiritual as a result of living in the dark for so long. I have helped so many with my story."

People see Bailey, hear her story, and then realize what see that she is an inspiration she is as she shows them that they can do so much more in their lives than they ever expected.  HOOKED has a lot to do with love which cannot be truly realized without having seen the dark side first.

Mark W. Travis assisted Bailey in the development of HOOKED as well as providing the stage direction.  Bailey adds, 

"I want to thank Mark Travis for so wonderfully and patiently guiding me on this trip."

In her show, Bailey tells about her times of being a performer in stand-up comedy, something she was "hooked" to do. Even though she attempted to provide laughs while in the comedy clubs, her actual life was anything but funny. During this time she was robbed, attacked (though not harmed physically), and endured the death of her mother (natural causes) and her husband (not natural causes!) She also found other work, even though that work wasn't necessarily ethical or legal!

Eventually, Bailey finds a partner to share her life, the one element she was seeking to affect change to take her on the right path  She becomes a Practitioner in the Church of Religious Science. (This doctrine is not to be confused with Scientology.)

HOOKED blends wacky, yet real, comedy with episodes of somber events from Bailey's life.. She is a strong person who has experienced more than she would have wanted, but came out better for it in the end. You may find, as does Bailey, that some elements in the show are deeply disturbing, but no one ever said the journey to transformation was an easy path to take.  Of course, there are a few amusing lines spoken, but what makes this show appealing is her endeavor to display her life without feeling sorry for herself and asking the audience to react in the same manner.

Every once in a while an extraordinary story and performer comes along where we can explore the human condition from a new perspective. Such a performer is Bailey Mason, and such a show is HOOKED!  When you fear death, intimacy and sex, isolation and companionship....what do you do?

Welcome to Bailey's world!

Welcome to the world of HOOKED, written and starring Bailey Mason.

Directed and developed by Mark W. Travis, Director/Teacher  Consultant/Writer